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What type of financial strain would your family have if you didn't come home tomorrow? Like most Americans, that question may create uncertainty in your heart and mind. Seventy percent of Americans are underinsured. Our job is to help you feel confident your loved ones will not lose your home in the case of death or disability.


Our agents make every effort to give each client a personal experience. The unexpected can happen. Meeting the needs of our clients is the foundation on which our success has been built over the last twenty years.



To partner with multiple top-rated insurance carriers to provide the best rates per product for our clients, and to our agents, offer competitive contracts with a one-of-a-kind career opportunity.


Our clients receive trained and caring agents with accountability to ethics. Our agents have the opportunity to build a stand alone, self-sufficient agency.



We are looking for licensed life and health agents. We will train you in every aspect of the business and will show you how to personally produce a monthly commission of at least $8,000-$12,000.

We have the tools. You will learn this business, and our team will teach you how to build a strong team that we will train to sell product the same way that you do. Together, we can help you reach your income goal.

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