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Have Fun!

A big part of the culture at The Fitz Group is having the ability to enjoy what you do and getting to have fun while you work. Our agents love to have fun and that's important to us.

With The Fitz Group, you can live the life you have always dreamed about. Become an agent today and start making money quickly, working your own hours, and protecting American families.

Make Money!

The Fitz Group leaders exploring volcanoes from a helicopter in Hawaii.


At The Fitz Group, we have assembled the best people, programs and products in the financial services industry in one complete turn-key package:

The best qualified lead programs in the business, generated by the most experienced lead generation team assembled anywhere. This means you get qualified leads in your hands right away so you can start doing the thing you're best at - SELLING.

The best sales system that further qualifies leads so you only go on appointments that you know you will close.


The most competitive, high-value products from the industry's highest rated carriers.


The best support staff around to help you resolve issues and make your life easier.

When considering your opportunities, it is clear that The Fitz Group is the best around. If you're considering a new job, be sure to ask yourself these questions:


Should it have a Selling System?

Should it have a Top Commission Plan?

Should it provide Freedom to Move Up?

Should it provide Support and Training?

Should you be able to Work Your Own Hours?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to contact us and schedule an interview.

Make a Difference!

You can change American lives with care all while building a successful business for yourself. Not only will you be protecting families with the financial services they need, but you can also be a part of our many charitable campaigns.

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